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As the Ballroom 20 line reaches the official front of the line, the entire Korra Line party shares a celebratory high five. People have been lined up since 1pm YESTERDAY just to get the best possible spot for Korra. Go fandom!

Can’t stop smiling at this incredible footage we just found via jennyatsdcc :)

OMG! I was there. The energy and excitement in that moment was amazing!! Great experience. Love this fandom!

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First set of photos from the Avatar cosplay gathering at SDCC! 

Avatar is a show that means the world to me and I can honestly say that it has changed my life! I’ve made so many good memories and friends because of this show. My brother and I (Smellerbee and Aang) grew up watching this show together and being able to attended this event was the highlight of our con and it’s something we’ll never forget! 

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